Monday, 8 July 2013

Root and Toot

Getting Rooted!

So I have had the Samsung Galaxy S3 for a month and as I said in my last post, I am generally quite happy with the phone and the Android system. I am a little bit bothered with the fact that I have had a few of crashes of the phone and sometimes it will restart itself without me asking it to. So there are occasions when I look at the phone and I find that I need to put in the PIN and I don't know how long the phone has not been working for. I am a member of a community on Google plus for Samsung Galaxy S3, a number of people on there recommend rooting the phone and also trying out other versions of the operating system. As part of my experiment and also because of general geekiness/nerdiness I will have to give a try to doing these projects. It will be another line of enquiry that I will be able to report upon in the NoStylus blogs.


Getting a tutorial for S3 rooting On YouTube

There are scripts that you can use on the Windows side of things and also there are some for the Mac. It seems that the scripts that will root your phone from your Mac are a little bit pernickety has to whether they will work or not. So I am following instructions on taking certain files from the Android SDK to be able to do a manual rooting of the Samsung Galaxy S3. I am a little bit bothered with the fact that I have to install Java, considering there have been some security problems with Java during the previous six months. I am going to do it anyway and just keep my fingers crossed.

Strike number two for Galaxy S3 rooting

Well I just followed the instructions in the YouTube videos in which I downloaded various files and I'm pretty sure that I did the steps of the job properly. I got close to the end of the process when I hit a roadblock. I was entering instructions into the Terminal window and up until that point everything was going great. The phone is still unrooted and I will have to find another way to root the Galaxy S3. It was all very geeky and nerdy and fun for someone like me and I haven't given up yet.
It is supposed to be very easy to do this job on a Windows computer, but I don't have one of those. I do know where I could probably get access to a Windows computer for a short amount of time and maybe I will give that a go. Before I do that I will have a look to see if there is any way that I can get around the problem that I encountered today.

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