Saturday, 8 June 2013

Getting Started as an Android User

Android Newbie

Just got the Galaxy S3 even though the S4 has just become available. Delighted with the first few days of using the device. I have loaded up a few apps and I have even paid for a few of them. One I have only just this minute bought is Draft and I am so pleased that the app gives me easy access to the Markdown syntax. I tried out Denote and Mark Dawn but neither did the job that I was expecting it to do and they will now be deleted, never to be seen again.
Not all is perfect, like the couple of times I have had to wait too long for the device to start up from sleep and once I had to turn it off and back on again to get it running again. A couple of times I thought it was slow to operate on a task, but I am in the honeymoon period and still quite forgiving. Probably as I get further into the Android way of doing things I will be more aware of what I should expect.

Bye Bye iPhone

I am not even a little bit sad right now that I will be saying bye bye to the iPhone as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is such a fresh new plaything for me. Lots of new things to try and plenty to fiddle and twiddle with. The configurability of the device is astonishing. I will writing all about this on the Nostylus Blog and I expect to be making a video or two also to put on the Wizardgold Channel. Maybe I will have to set up a different channel for the Android stuff.

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