Friday, 4 October 2013

Boo hoo Audioboo

Making an audio boo

Today I created an audioboo on my Mac at home using my Samson CO3U microphone and Amadeus Pro, but I didn’t have time to upload it before I left the house so I moved the file to an application /service called Dropped. I use this on my Android device when I want to quickly have a file sent to Dropbox and for it to be automatically syncronised to the other computers I have. It didn’t seem to work so well going from the Mac to the Android as I still have to download the file to the devices.

Sending from Dropbox

The next trick I have to perform was to have that file uploaded to Audioboo. My first try from Dropbox was only going to send a link to the file and not the actual file itself, so that wasn’t going to work. I think that was because the file hadn’t been downloaded to the device beforehand. So I downloaded the file into my downloads folder and then tried again. I still had to go to an application that I use for looking at the files on my Android. ES FileExplorer is an application which is very useful to have that lets me get into files in a way that I’m not able to do with iOS. It requires a press and hold down to select the file and then I was able to share out using Gmail.

Or direct out of Gmail?

I did wonder if I would be able to pick up a file to share out from within gmail, but it didn’t work out that way. I was given the option of sharing out a picture or a video, but there is nothing in there to let me share out any other file or specifically some audio. In any case I was able to get the file uploaded to audio boo by using e-mail. There is a special boo mail e-mail address and with that it goes straight to the audio boo servers.

Work arounds

There is a specific audioboo application for Android, but it is still in beta and it doesn’t really work very well. So I have had to find out a workaround , so that I can record an Audioboo and send from my Android devices.

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