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How to Screen record on Android

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Screen Recording On Android

What I do is to make tutorial videos showing users how to get the best from their Mac, iPad and iPhone and also now Android devices. Recording from the Mac is very easy because I use an application called ScreenFlow, all I have to do is to start the recorder and do my stuff and everything is recorded, video and audio. Recording from the iPad is also extremely easy because I have available to me an application called Reflector which wirelessly sends the data from the iPad to my Mac and once again I can use ScreenFlow to record whatever I am doing. After having got myself a couple of Android devices I have had to do a search for something that will work for recording the screen as a video.

BBQScreen Connect and Untitled and MarsEdit 2

BBQ Screen

This BBQ application works in the same way as Mac app Reflector, but not as good. Sometimes it works fine and other times it is finicky and occasionally completely unresponsive. I have successfully made a couple of videos with it using the app on my Samsung Galaxy S3, but as yet I have been unable to make it work on my Nexus 7. I really wanted to be able to do the recordings from the Nexus 7 due to having a larger space to work with so that it would be less fiddly.

SCR screen recorder does the business

SCR Screen Recorder Free ★root Android Apps on Google Play

So something had to be done to find a successful way of recording from the Nexus 7. Today I tried out a free application called SCR Screen Recorder and immediately it worked fine on the device. The quality of the video is just spot on and it also recorded the audio without any problems. I still have to see if it will record when I have my good microphone plugged into it. (Yes it does) Another thing that I might do with the audio is to also record into my Mac at the same time using Amadeus Pro and then I can use the facilities within Final Cut Pro 10 to match them up.

In some ways it is not as convenient to use SCR Recorder because I have my video editing on my Mac. So far I have not found any good video editing applications that are good enough to use for the Android. What I have to do is to move the video from the Android device to my Mac. I can plug it in as a USB storage device and easily copy from the application to a folder on my Mac. I'm not too keen on using this because I have found that if I do this via USB its messes up the connection to my USB microphone. I would have to do a reboot of the system to get the microphone working again. The other possibility is to use AirDroid and although it is slower than using a cable it works well enough for moving the file to my Mac.

Good quality video screen recording on Android

The quality and the size of the video is just about okay for the screen testing given me a 720 pixel high HD recording. The width of the video should be 1280, but isn't so I might have to do a little bit of letterboxing to get to the exact size it should be. Not a huge problem! The first video I did as a test of this way of recording the screen from my Nexus 7 I have put up onto Google plus and you can see it in this post below. I have now completed a couple of tutorials using SCR Screen Recorder and I am pleased with the results. I was able to get around the slight mismatch in the size, video ratio of the video clips and in the end it look quite good.

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